Libreka presents contemporary flat model for e-book distribution

No revenue share in e-book sales

Frankfurt / Main and Rudolstadt (21/06/2016) The distribution platform Libreka GmbH presents a new compensation model for the distribution of e-books, which is available now to all publishers. Contrary to the previously calculated by most providers in the market revenue share Libreka relies on a flat-rate model in which all distribution services bundled with a fixed price are provided. “Our goal is to transparent the publishers simply structured and above all fair conditions to offer,” says Thorsten Schreiber, managing director of Libreka GmbH and its parent company Zeilenwert. “We have come to the conclusion that in order to realize the uncompromising, must think e-book distribution new: We create our revenue sharing completely. “After all, you yield to the distribution of e-books a technical service that represents a similarly high costs for each title. “If we deliver a best-selling potentially many sales or special-interest titles for a small niche market matter – our performance remains the same,” adds Balázs Csonka, writer Managing colleague at Libreka.

Csonka and recorder is important that the size of the publisher plays no role in the new flat-rate model. From 1 euro per title per month Libreka takes over all distribution services. Other fees such as the setting or the hosting of e-books will no longer be calculated. “So we put the fair idea which is behind the new model, consistently,” says Csonka. “. These conditions enable both the publishers and the distribution partner absolute calculation reliability and a clear cost structure – both reasons for the flat-rate model, as confirmed to us the representatives of various publishers’ Libreka offers new customers only this model; existing customers can switch to the new system immediately.

The row value GmbH does not change its previous distribution model, since more intensive basic service is maintained by the close connection between production and sales.

“When we took over last year Libreka, we have not only our business raised to a new stage of development but also get an opportunity to think on a larger scale on new approaches that can give new impetus to the digital book market,” Thorsten Schreiber explains the genesis of the neuartigenPauschalmodells. “Balázs Csonka and I have many conversations with customers out to find out which prevail wants and needs in the industry. Some of it we see in our new distribution model implemented. “

About Libreka

With over 3,000 publishing customers, more than 1,000 affiliated trade partners and over 2.1 million e-books, the Libreka GmbH is based in Frankfurt / Main one of the largest distribution platforms for electronic books in Germany. Numerous Library Catalogs rely on the Libreka catalog. Since September 2015, the company is a subsidiary of the row value GmbH. Through this connection, publishers and retailers more services, such as can be provided at very attractive conditions the production of e-books or shipment of digital reading and review copies.