Legimi and Libreka cooperate

Posen / Frankfurt am Main, 09.14.2016 – The Polish e-book and audio-book provider Legimi expanded in the fall to Germany and will provide exclusively through e-books Libreka end customers for retail sale in a subscription model. Thanks to cooperation with Libreka Legimi customers can access hundreds of thousands of e-books from the start.

Mikołaj Małaczyński, CEO of Legimi: “We entered the German market, because we believe that the market in the coming years can still go through many innovations and will. We have already gained a lot of experience in e-publishing and e-book sales. Our e-book offer to end users – a la carte and subscription – is unique and we not only meet the expectations of readers, but our partners and publishers. This we offer a fair revenue model as well as sophisticated and detailed data on the reading habits of users. Libreka is the partner with whom we can make together our goals, e-books than reading medium attractive, can achieve. ”

Legimi is one of the leading e-book online shops in Poland and works closely with the three major telecommunications providers. Legimi distributes the contents of over 300 Polish and many international publishers. Legimi customers in Poland and Germany will also have access to Libreka content in the future via a new interface.

With over 3,000 publishing customers, more than 1,000 affiliated retail partners and more than 2.2 million eBooks Libreka is one of the largest distribution platforms for electronic books in Germany. Meanwhile, many library catalogs refer to Libreka catalog worldwide.

“We are pleased with the very trusting and close cooperation with Legimi who decided and pushing with a lot of experience in the German market. For our publishers and us is the support for new e-book sales channels in Germany and can be extremely important and exemplary of how Libreka support with its comprehensive content offering new models and contribute to the diversification of the e-book market worldwide. ” Balázs Csonka summarizes. Thorsten Schreiber, also Managing Director of Libreka GmbH adds: “Besides the fact that we are new providers and cooperations always ready to listen, creating revenue potential for our publishing clients is in our view one of our most important tasks.